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My Experience Using iJakarta Apps

Here I present you my experience using iJakarta apps along this year.

For those who really loves to read and dreams of an online library with a lot of good books and literature this app would be suitable to download on your smartphone or tablet. Yes, it is iJakarta. With their vision ‘Reading Becomes Easier’ this is an excellent app where I can find my favorite books from favorite authors. From Ahmad Tohari, N.H. Dini, Okky Madasari, Ayu Utami, Agustinus Wibowo, Jostein Gaarder, you name it.

I think that this is a great chance for us as we know the amount of book reader in Indonesia is reduced day by day. A study also showed that an average Indonesian can’t even finish a book on one year. A book sometimes feels too hard to be finished, morover if the book is quite thick and we are too lazy to bring it so they got ignored on the corner of our bookshelf. For the sake of a display book. Plus in this time we tend to be more happy to spend our money to buy something else rather than buying a book that we think quite expensive.

In iJakarta, you can register with no payment, and freely borrowing any available books that is already on their collection. I already borrowed dozens of book, here are some of them that I really loved to read :


In my opinion, the collection is quite good for a free read. It is as easy as opening the apps with one touch, searching for the book, see if it is available or not (if many people are interested with the book, you must queue first before you can read), download the file if the book is available, and enjoy your book with a cup of coffee or tea in your free time.

You can see the collection is really variative (although I only read novel and something in my interest), they got religion book, nature, books for children, antique collection, architecture, language, gardening, biography, business, textbook for students, short story, fiction, phylosophy, photography, law, politics, interior design, family books, magazine, cooking book, music, non-fiction, etc.

However, I do not know if this is happening for anyone else too, but in my smartphone, when I finished read like 10-20 books, the apps gets heavy for my internal memory card. So I need to erase the apps first for later I download again so the memory is not too big. Sometimes they also got the book, but with no copy so it is not available. I haven’t figure out why but perhaps someone should donate first so the book will be available there. Actually I want to donate later if I got a job and salary (lol), because I think this app is really helping those who wants to get easy access to a lot of books.

I wish there will be more books to be available in iJakarta and also more people can donate so the book that is not available yet can later be useful for everyone who are always hungry to read something.